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Twisting the World of Sweets. Inside Out.

The Thorough, a Charleston-based dessert company, prioritizes organic ingredients and meticulously selects top-quality components such as A2 milk, grass-fed butter, and pasture-raised eggs. They commit to dietary diversity through gluten-free, lectin-free, refined sugar-free desserts, and more!

Charleston-born and based, The Thorough is the first dessert company that uses science and chemistry to make premium desserts for exquisite taste.


We started as an organic bakery in 2017 (MyOrganicBakery), and it was the first step to bringing a healthy lifestyle to the world of desserts. We know for sure that organic ingredients taste better. That’s why our cakes found so many lovers!


We create proprietary recipes and texture combinations for classy desserts that you will not find anywhere else because inspiration - is our Cookbook!


At The Thorough we continue to use organic ingredients to make desserts mouth-watering but become even pickier with over ingredients. We always use organic dairy and choose A2 milk over the most common casein A1 milk, butter from grass-fed cows, and pasture-raised eggs from specific farms. We are peanut, palm, corn, soy, and vegetable oils free, and use avocado, virgin olive, and coconut oils. All bright colors are generously provided by Mother Nature, and we have nothing artificial whatsoever!


Being on this path for a long time, we stay in the loop of modern medical and nutritional research, learning daily about food and how it affects our body and energy level. We create desserts from scratch for any occasion and people with different diets: gluten-free, lectin-free, refined sugar-free, and vegan. All gluten-free cakes come at no additional cost, we are making your life sweet!


Our desserts are delicately sweet. We intentionally use sugar in moderation and deliberately develop a refined sugar-free menu also using sweeteners that do not raise blood sugar. Our vegan assortment is growing, however, we do not use vegan alternatives (commonly made with soy and cashews) and only make desserts with pure ingredients that your gut will love.


The Thorough is an innovative dessert company where chemistry and passion bring together unique results.


We stand out for quality. Do you?

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