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The Healthiest promotes the health and well-being of local communities by publishing inspiring and encouraging educational content written by local experts through our hyper-local newsletters and blogs.

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There are countless ways to market in today’s world but finding the best technique to invest your time and money in has always been a concern. The Healthiest is a platform centered around the education of health and wellness in the local community.

This ensures that your content will be shared with people who are interested in your expertise and are (quite literally) in the right place to take advantage of your services. Your articles will not only be used to educate our audience, but also to inspire local consumers to take the next step on their unique wellness journey.

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Why Educational Marketing

  • Tailored for The Right Audience
    The Healthiest delivers your expertise directly to local consumers. Our targeted, HYPER- local approach ensures that your efforts are rewarded by placing your curated content in front of the people that it will affect the most.

  • Engaging with the Community
    You get to pick the topic of conversation that the community is talking about -- whether your services, a trending health topic, make yourself and business stand out to have the community talking about it and ultimately walking through your doors.

  • Content Amplification
    Essentially equipping your top-performing content pieces with a megaphone. Through a well-devised strategy, The Healthiest has the potential to drive substantial growth and engagement, to connect you with new audiences more efficiently than relying solely on organic efforts.

  • Measurable ROI & Analytics
    Our newsletter campaigns are not a shot in the dark; they're precision-guided strategies. With robust analytics, we track open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics, allowing you to measure the tangible impact of your newsletter articles and refine your writing style accordingly.

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The Community Platforms

Community Blog

Here consumers can discover all of the locally written articles, ones that were featured in the newsletter and all others written for the site. They can search topics and businesses to learn more about their local health & wellness options.

Local Business Pages

Individual business pages highlight local health & wellness businesses that contribute to The Healthiest community. They host all of the businesses articles as well as give consumers more information about the business. and multiple ways to get in-touch with them.

Hyper-Local Newsletters

The Newsletter is sent out to 25,000+ hyper local Charleston readers where there are only 6 articles featured in each newsletter. No distracting pop up ads or extras, just pure local health and wellness education delivered directly into target inboxes to educate the community and to help drive new customers.

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