What Physical Therapy Really Is

Many people misunderstand what a Physical Therapist (PT) does, often envisioning sessions with basic exercises and minimal guidance. However, at Recovery-N-Motion, Physical Therapy involves personalized, active sessions with the PT acting as the quarterback of your healthcare.

Today, we have a question for you. We always wonder, do you know what a Physical Therapist really is?


We like to ask this, because of course we have a certain understanding of what Physical Therapy is (7 years of school and many working years later), but over time we realized that the general population honestly has no idea what Physical Therapy is. If you google it, one of the first pictures that comes up is a girl lying on a big physioball, looking bored.


We can't even make that up. We honestly gasped when we saw it and unfortunately shook our heads and had to laugh. This really is what the perception of Physical Therapy is.


It's boring.


You use a big physioball to do low-level exercises. You're by yourself, without the guidance of a Physical Therapist. You're wondering why you're there and thinking about all the other more productive things you can be doing. And, at the end of the session, you get an ice pack, which you could be doing at home.


In Google's defense, this is what Physical Therapy used to be and unfortunately, what a lot of Physical Therapy still is.


Lucky for you, Physical Therapy at Recovery-N-Motion looks different! We've actually got weights over 5 lbs, and your Physical Therapist is watching your every. single. move.


This is the new wave of Physical Therapy. Think of your Physical Therapist as the Quarterback of your healthcare program. Anytime you have a question on what workout you should be doing, mobility exercises you need, or how to prep for an upcoming workout, you simply ask your Quarterback. It's like having a healthcare provider in your pocket.


Plus -- not only can your Physical Therapist help with exercise and activity, we understand that living a pain-free lifestyle is much more than just doing some mobility exercises. It takes accountability. It takes understanding nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and SO much more. 


Dealing with and optimizing all that, now, THAT is what Physical Therapy really is. Get help with all of that and more during your 60-minute one-on-one session with your PT, and ongoing support outside of the clinic.


Hopefully, this changed your mindset on what a PT actually does, and how we can help optimize your life.


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