The Healthiest

Hannah Lafond

Hannah Lafond, a native of Charleston, SC, has long embraced an active lifestyle, gravitating toward low-impact activities like yoga and pilates. Beyond deliberate exercise, her leisure pursuits include kayaking, pickleball, and golf, reflecting her love for varied recreational endeavors.

Raised in a health-conscious household, Hannah's upbringing was shaped by her father's career as a general surgeon and her mother's profession as a dental hygienist. They imparted upon their children the significance of maintaining good health. Hannah's conviction in the transformative potential of The Healthiest stems from her belief that accessible, accurate information is essential for individuals embarking on their unique health paths, fueled by her family's own journey. Her younger brother's Autism diagnosis prompted years of exploration, from experimenting with different diets to engaging various therapists, yet the family struggled to access adequate information or locate the right local professionals for his needs.

Motivated by this firsthand challenge, Hannah is committed to facilitating change through The Healthiest, aiming to ensure that the local community not only gains access to reliable information but also connects with the appropriate local professionals during their unique health journey.