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Will Rowe

Somatic Embodiment Healing


Hello, My name is Will Rowe, and I am happy you are reading these words. My journey into wellness began as a youth, my mother is a retired child psychiatrist. She went to MUSC and ultimately became one of the first psychiatrists in the low country to visit children around Charleston County at school and off-site in the clinic for psychiatric care. I have had a long complicated relationship with this reality and respect my mother endlessly for the work that she did for Charleston County, however, I find it problematic to mass prescribe school children ADHD medication, Anxiety Meditation, Anti Depressants, and other pharmaceutical options as a form of providing equitable education for students with a myriad of disabilities. I am a product of this system.

I have also been a public-school teacher for the past three years. My mother guided me to a psychiatrist with the best intentions in her heart possible as a product of western medical training and western medicine. This psychiatrist prescribed me with the best intentions in his heart Ritalin. The rest is history. From Ritalin, Focalin, to Vyvanse, to Adderall instant release & extended release, I was prescribed it all. Every dosage, every color and shape pill you can imagine. My life was pills. Then came the anti-depressants. They never worked. I fell into a life of addiction to combat my mental health troubles. I fell victim to cocaine, prescription painkillers, illicit benzos in addition to my regular prescription, and used every other substance I could find. I have since moved into a holistic lifestyle, where I use meditation, reiki, and yoga. 

Once I kicked the illicit habits, I slowly began to wean myself off all pharmaceuticals. I am now seven years sober from painkillers and cocaine. I am 3 years sober from all prescription pharmaceuticals. For the past three years, I have taught public school. I teach social studies and have a passion for working with educators. I have been extensively trained in various psychological frameworkings, hold certifications in reiki, yoga, breathwork & I can provide you a comprehensive approach to wellness. I am also a musician and a classically trained Historian and story and song is a big part of my work.

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