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LFC Opening Party 8/3 10-12pm

Lighthouse Family Chiropractic will be hosting our opening party on 8/3 from 10am to 12pm! We are so excited to finally celebrate our office opening and hope you’ll join us! There will be lots of food, games, local providers/businesses, giveaways and fun!

How to Turn ADHD Into a Superpower

ADHD is more frequently than not viewed as a disorder that needs to be fixed. But what if this isn’t the case? Many experts and those that struggle with ADHD would argue that it can be a superpower! Curious how you can turn you or your child’s ADHD into a superpower? Keep reading to learn more

The Root Cause Behind Crippling Anxiety in Kids + Adults

Is anxiety holding your child back from living their fullest life? It’s heartbreaking to see kids of any age struggle to live their best lives because of anxiety. We are here to get to the ROOT CAUSE of anxiety and to offer drug free solutions.

The Missing Link to your Child's Health Struggles: The Perfect Storm

Have you been told your child will grow out of their current struggles? If this answer didn't sit right with you, we have answers and will help you get to the ROOT CAUSE!

Understanding and Navigating Nervous System Dysregulation

Have you ever found yourself feeling constantly fatigued, on edge, or easily irritated? Are you struggling to decipher your child’s ever-changing moods and behaviors, or feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them? If so, you’re not alone.

About Us

We are a nervous system focused office that specializes mainly in pediatrics, prenatal, and hold advanced certifications in helping children with Sensory Processing Disorders. Being a nervous system focused office means we look at the body as a whole and how it relates to overall health. This is especially our focus in children who struggle with chronic illness and are always out sick, have digestive issues, allergies, struggling in the classroom due to sensory issues such as Autism or ADHD, or just children who have big emotions such as meltdowns and struggle to socialize.  We also specialize in working with moms during the pregnancy to allow for optimal pelvic function and best birth outcomes! 


We know the importance of a well regulated nervous system to help in managing stressors the body is not only for children and pregnant moms, but for all adults as well! Nervous system dysregulation in adults can be seen as digestive issues, extreme anxiety and fatigue, and sensory issues they deal with as well!

Our Services

Nervous system focused chiropractic care tailored for you and your family! We utilize a number of techniques and tools in our office to provide gentle and specific adjustments to make the most everlasting change at each visit.


Chiropractic techniques utilized:

  • Webster
  • SOT
  • Torque Release Technique
  • Activator
  • Talsky Tonal
  • Network Spinal
  • Thompson
  • Logan
  • Many more!!

Our Locations