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The Team at SkinLab Charleston



Stephanie E. Smith-Phillips, M.D. - Board-Certified Dermatologist

Founder of Mt. Pleasant Dermatology & SkinLab Charleston

A Bit About Dr. Smith-Phillips:

What is your favorite SkinCeuticals Product? 

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight-amazing daily lotion with 10% free acid value of glycolic that is encapsulated in lipid microspheres to give results in skin appearance and "glo" while being so well tolerated that virtually all skin types can benefit.

Do you have any pets?

"Six dogs, ranging in size from 10 to 110 pounds, and four horses (yes, in many ways they are my large pets!)"

Where is your favorite place to travel?

"Italy and France"


Belle Masse, FNP-C, RNFA - Injector

A Bit About Belle:

Why did you choose this profession?

"I have always been fascinated by skin as its our largest organ! After obtaining my Family Nurse Practitioner degree, I continued my education and training as surgical first assist with a focus in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. After years of working in the hospital as a PCU/ICU RN and most recently as a hospitalist NP, I am excited to shift my practice back to cosmetic dermatology and provide patients with results that make them smile!"

Favorite Treatment?

"My favorite treatment is injectable filler in the cheeks and chin for facial balancing and optimization of symmetry. This treatment provides an immediate result that leaves the patient looking lifted, sculpted and refreshed!"

Tell us about your pet!

"Hudson is my exuberant, curious, loveable and loyal English Cream Golden Retriever pup! He has brought me so much joy as I've gotten to experience the world through his eyes. He's my best buddy, named 'Huddy'."


Sarah Tomovick - Licensed Aesthetician

A Bit About Sarah:

Where are you from?

"I grew up in Denver, NC. Moved to Charleston in 2019."

Why did you choose this profession?

"I choose this career to help others feel confident in their own skin, so they will see the beauty in themselves that everyone else sees." 


What is your favorite SkinCeuticals Product? 

"My favorite Skinceuticals product is Phloretin CF. Prevention plays one of the role in skincare and that is where Vitamin C steps in! This vitamin C is perfect for the humid climate here in Charleston."


Paola Payne - Licensed Aesthetician

A Bit About Paola:

Why did you choose this profession? 

"Looking back 8 years ago,I was attending college majoring in Biology which I had high hopes of becoming a dietitian. The universe had other plans for me and I went with what was guiding me. Esthetics, I immediately knew I had to fulfill that space in my heart because deep down, I loved the skin. Naturally, I’m a caregiver and felt this dream of pampering men and women while improving the health of their complexions. After receiving my license in 2019, working in the industry allowed me to dive within myself and understand where I wanted this journey to take me. I have a natural passion for wellness and the more I learned, the more I was intrigued and amazed how the skin influences other organs and our immune system and how our bodies are deeply connected."


What’s one thing we can all do to get better skin?

"Look, touch, and feel within our body to understand our skin. By intuitively getting to know what our complexion needs allows us to take careful steps to achieve our goals. We often over-cleanse, over-exfoliate, and dabble in too many products which disrupts our pH level, potentially causing irritation and an impaired barrier."


Favorite week night meal? 

"Lately, I have been loving sauteed cabbage, shredded carrots, minced jalapeno, ginger, and garlic with roasted chicken, topped with cilantro and fresh lime. Super fresh and aromatic."


Jenna Crawford - Licensed Aesthetician

A Bit About Jenna:

Where are you from? 

"I am a Charleston Native."


Why did you choose this profession? 

"I chose this profession because I am truly passionate about skincare. I love that the industry is always evolving with advanced treatments and products, allowing for better results for clients. In addition, seeing someone happy and love the skin they're in is what it's all about."

What do you like to do when you are not working at SkinLab?

"When I'm not at work I'm spending time with my two Australian Shepherds, Jax and BB."


Hannah Jackson - Marketing Specialist

A Bit About Hannah:

What is your favorite SkinCeuticals Product?

"I love so many of the SkinCeuticals products, but my favorite product is Glycolic 10 Overnight!  I have noticed such a huge difference in my skin texture and overall glow after using this product!"


What is your favorite treatment?  

"My favorite treatment is Botox!  Botox reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving my face a more youthful appearance.  I LOVE it and could not live without it!"

What is your favorite Charleston restaurant? 

"This is a hard one because we have so many good restaurants in Charleston.  I have to say my favorite one currently is Bar167!  I could eat the focaccia with the stracciatella cheese every single day, it is SO good!"


Madeline Byrd - Director of Operations

Mt. Pleasant Dermatology & SkinLab Charleston

A Bit About Madeline:

Why did you choose this profession?

"I started at Mt. Pleasant Dermatology 7 years ago with little knowledge of the dermatology world. Coming from a Management Position at a hotel on Folly Beach, I was naive to the harm the sun could cause. I went from really tan to really pale...fast! And have stayed pale every since! Seeing the amount of skin cancer and other conditions caused by the sun, broadened my interest in the overall health of skin from both a general and an aesthetic side. Now, I have the best of both worlds; I get to work at a high-volume General Dermatology Practice and also at a fun, highly skilled, Medical Spa that provide everything needed to obtain great skin long term."

What is your favorite SkinCeuticals Product?

"SkinCeuticals Rexturing Activator. A diamond in the rough! I love how it hydrates my skin and also provides radiance and exfoliation. 

Where you are originally from?

"Grand Rapids, Minnesota"

Tell us about your pets!

"I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever, Yori, and a 2 year old English Cream Miniature Dachshund, Opal. They are the best of friends and make everyday a brighter day with their personalities."

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