SelfLuxe Co.

Shakiya Mackall


Founder and Lead Facialist

Shakiya is the Founder, Lead facialist, and Self-care curator at SelfLuxe Co. Shakiya established her private, guest-only skincare studio in 2023. She guides you into the elevation of your skincare and self-care journey. After many years of being in the beauty industry, she's seen that the elements of skincare combined with self-care were the missing link to much of her happiness. By putting self-care as a high priority, she's seen how her life changed dramatically.


Shakiya's curated experiences, soothing yet fun personality, and thoughtful manner leave guests feeling valued, seen, and inspired. Her desire is for you to leave refreshed, rested, and at ease. Her philosophy of "as always stay beautiful inside and out" is the premise of guiding you on your journey to reaching your best self in all areas. 


Shakiya Mackall, LE

Founder and Lead Facialist


Instagram: @selfluxeco