Remedy Wellness

Pavan Lennon

Shamanic Energy Healer & Intuitive

Pavan provides intuitive guidance and facilitates healing to support the highest expression of your soul.

Pavan is a Shamanic Practitioner and intuitive Energy Healer. Her practice also includes sound healing and yogic philosophy. 

Her mission is to empower people to be their fullest, most unique expression of self…to live the highest vision of their soul!

If you are blocked or stuck Pavan will support you and empower you to move towards freedom and transformation. Her strength is in her powerful, open and pure hearted presence.

Her background includes intensive certifications and training in Core Shamanism, Reiki, The Akashic Records, Health & Intuitive Coaching and several other powerful Energy Healing modalities.

Pavan holds an RYT and IKYTA designation as a yoga teacher and often brings Kundalini and traditional yoga practices to her work. She is blessed to have apprenticed with several brilliant mentors over the years; this human experience continues to be her greatest teacher.

Her interest in all of the above stemmed from a desire to connect with a deeper truth and meaning in life. From a young age she had an awareness of energies that were not always visible or apparent; this began a search for explanations. Along the journey, she discovered many powerful ways to heal and grow and is honored to share them.