Empowered Minds

Leigh Crowder Biearman


Executive Director

Leigh has over two decades of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, and has collaborated with parents, teachers and their children with diverse needs across school, hospital, and early intervention environments. She has also empowered parents from various backgrounds who seek to enhance their abilities in supporting their children.

Leigh holds certifications as a parent coach and has amassed training hours exceeding 1,000 in medical therapeutic yoga, hatha yoga, professional trauma intervention, as well as a 95-hour children's yoga certification and mindfulness in schools training. In 2008, Leigh founded Empowered Minds (formerly Yoga Kidz), a non-profit initiative dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness to thousands of students within Charleston County School District.

Leigh Crowder Biearman MOTR/L

Executive Director Empowered Minds




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