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Jennifer Michaels

Energy Healer, Spiritual Life-Coach, Meditation Teacher, Artist & Author


People often ask me about how I became an Energy Healer, Spiritual Life-Coach, Meditation Teacher, Artist & Author; so here is a summary of my background & education:


1997 - A.A. - Fine Art

1998 - Transcendental Meditation Trainning

1999 - B.S. - Art Therapy

2000 - Reiki Master Certified

2011 - Health Coach Certified

2013 - Universal Life Church Minister

2014 - Expert Level Life Coach Certified

2017 - Past Life Regression Certified with Dr. Brian Weiss

2016 - Akashic Records Certified

2023 - Yoga Teacher Certified - RYT 200




​I was born in Dayton, OH and grew up in New Whiteland, IN. As far back as I can remember, I was artistic, highly-sensitive, intuitive and spiritual. On the opposing side of that, I was raised in a cult-like, religious environment that did not understand or support my gifts. At that time, I was taught about, and came to believe in, an angry and punishing God. I was subject to various forms of childhood abuse and ex-communicated from the church at age 13; and again at 19.

A few months after the second ex-communication I had a profound spiritual experience. I didn't understand it at the time, and dismissing it, I went through some years of atheism and agnosticism. Eventually though, I found my way toward self-discovery, recovery and my own unique spiritual path.


In 1994, I studied and earned and AA in Fine Arts at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH. There I meet my first husband. We then moved to Bowling Green, OH where I worked at a health-food store and taught guided meditation while attending the university and received a B.S. degree in Health and Human Services with a focus in art therapy and psychology. During my college years, we traveled quite extensively through Europe and the United States learning about art, various cultures and religions. Travel broadened my perspective on spirituality and humanity at large.


In 2000, I studied and became certified as a master reiki practitioner, and began practicing transcendental meditation​ before setting in Charleston, SC, where I had a second profound spiritual experience. This time it opened my metaphysical senses where I gained heightened claircognizance (clear knowing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairsentience (clear feeling). I started having regular conversations with God through journaling, dreams and a continuous flow of spiritual experiences causing me to become a profound believer in God, Christ and the Spirit world. While this spiritual evolution was happening, my career took an unexpected turn into real estate and corporate America; I gained experience working as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Fortune 500 home builder.


In 2008, at the top of my corporate career, I had another calling that took me back to the creative ​and spiritual life. Leaving behind a big salary and title, I became involved in 12 step recovery work for myself and working with others. I wrote and published my memoir about overcoming spiritual abuse: What is Love? My Question...God's Answer. For the publishing of this book I was guided to change my last name to Michaels, after Archangel Michael. During that time I read and studied: the Bible, The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Course in Miracles, Urantia and many other spiritual books.


In 2010, I was guided to camp with friends in Israel, where I had a third spiritual experience that took me even deeper into my love and passion for all that is Holy, Sacred and Divine. Prior to that trip I had a very real dream explaining that I was in the Melchizedek Order, I had never heard that name before, but have since gained deeper understanding of the meaning. From that time on, I was given the ability and desire to pursue a career path that allowed me to help others find their own spiritual connections.


In 2011, I became a Certified Health Coach and traveled extensively with the Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers through New Zealand and Hawaii​ learning about health and sustainability. In 2013 I returned to the Holy Land, escorting others, and became an Ordained Minister, while earning my Life-Coaching Certification and studying and making artwork around the Book of Mary Magdalene.


In 2014, I opened a private practice, Jennifer Michaels Studios, on a full-time basis, offering Energy Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching, teaching weekly group meditation classes and workshops on crystals and angels and a variety of other spiritual topics.  In 2015 I returned, a third time, to Israel to experience the Holy Fire event in Jerusalem first hand; a day when Holy Light miraculously comes out of Christ's tomb. I received the Holy Fire and then witnessed my friend, a Greek Orthodox Monk, become trans-lucent right before my eyes. In 2016 I studied with Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, receiving a Past-Life Regression Certification and added this service to my offerings.


In 2017, a friend invited me to attend a channeling session with, Abraham Hicks in Buckhead, GA. At this event I was called on stage and had the opportunity to ask "The Collective-of-Beings", known as Abraham, questions about the variety of "angels and other dimensional beings" I would commonly see and communicate with in my healing sessions. I received answers, and an experience of unconditional love, that changed my perspective on channeling. After this, my own mediumship and channeling abilities increased greatly, adding deeper elements to my sessions with clients.


In 2018, after enjoying the ocean and beaches in Charleston for 18 years, I received an unexpected vision and direction from my star-seed family to go to Mount Shasta, CA. It was a strong calling with many synchronicities to confirm. Saying bittersweet good-byes, I sold everything and drove across the country to the white mountain. There I would meditate on the mountain top most days, I channelled letters from a group called "The Great Beyond". I also enhanced my skills in painting and continued sessions with clients from the top of the mountain. 


At the end of 2019, I was called to move back east to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. There I relaxed and enjoyed the white quartz-crystal sand beaches and healing emerald green water, It was the perfect place to be as the world shut down. Eventually, at the end of 2021 I found my way back home to Charleston, SC where, fingers-crossed, I stay a while.


In 2023 I finished my Yoga Teacher Certification and I am now currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling. I love learning, but even more, I love working with clients from all walks of life, including: spiritual, religious and non-religious backgrounds. I am more passionate than ever about exploring my own co-creations; while, at the same time, using my gifts and talents to assist others in discovering their own healing and unique sacred path! I am delighted to offer Jennifer Michaels Studio combining: Individual Sessions, Group Sessions and my High-Vibe, Healing Artwork.


To Learn more about about the details of my spiritual journey check out my Memoir. Please take your time exploring my website and feel free to schedule an appointment or connect with me if I may be of service to you!


Many blessings!