Tricholistik Hair Restoration + Wellness Studio

Jeanette C. Hill-Frederick

Licensed Barber & Cosmetologist, Certified Trichologist, and Holistic Practitioner


Greetings, I am Jeanette C. Hill- Frederick, currently the owner of Tricholistik Hair Restoration & Wellness Studio which was formally Bliss Hair Studio and Hair Restoration Center. I have over 30 years of experience as a licensed Barber and Cosmetologist over 20 Years as a Cosmetology Instructor. Growth has always been a priority to me to invest in myself to better serve my clients and future clients that may be experiencing hair and scalp maladies as well as the client that just wants to maintain the integrity of their crown by regular maintenance. My job as a Cosmetologist, Holistic Practitioner, Trichologist, Non -Surgical Hair Replacement, is to assist with finding the root cause of the problem with a holistic approach or suggesting other options if permanent damage presents itself.


*With this job title I am operating as a paramedical and therefore I do not make any diagnosis, I only suggest.