Cheat Eatz Meal Prep

Gina Cordoba


Cheat Eatz Meal Prep

Gina Cordoba is a dynamic and health-conscious entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the wellness and food industries. A proud graduate of the College of Charleston (CofC), Gina has called Charleston home for over two decades, deeply embedding herself in the local community. Her journey with healthy eating, a lifelong commitment, eventually led to the founding of her successful venture, Cheateatz.com.

This innovative website reflects Gina's philosophy of balancing nutritious eating with occasional indulgences, catering to a diverse audience looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the joys of food. Her approach to health and wellness is not just rooted in her personal choices but is also influenced by her family background. Her sister, a professional bodybuilder, has been a source of inspiration and insight, contributing to Gina's comprehensive understanding of nutrition and fitness.