Atlas Spine & Wellness Care

Felix Periard



Dr. Felix grew up in Montreal and, every winter, had terrible sinus congestion and headaches that would last half the year. During elementary school, his mother took him to a chiropractor as a last resort when nothing else had helped him. Within a few visits, his sinuses were draining and his headaches were gone. He loved the effects of chiropractic and continued receiving regular care.


While in high school, he had a terrible head-on collision with a tree while skiing. He developed piercing headaches. With chiropractic care, the headaches cleared up in a couple of months. As long as his spine is aligned, he doesn’t have headaches. If his spine becomes misaligned, his headaches come back.


These experiences in his youth made him want to help other people in the same way and he knew that he would become a chiropractor.




Dr. Felix attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated in 2017. He has continued his education in Upper Cervical work and is completing his National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association certification process. He met Dr. Erica while at Palmer and they opened Atlas Spine & Wellness Care together in 2022.

Empowering Patients


The best part of being a chiropractor for Dr. Felix is educating and empowering patients to trust their body’s innate healing capacity.


Dr. Felix wants patients to understand that chiropractic care does not treat symptoms or diseases—rather, it’s a method of restoring balance and function, so natural healing can take place.


With gentle upper cervical adjustments, we restore alignment to the spine, which in turn allows the nervous system to function as it should. When the nervous system is free of interference, your body can heal itself the way it was designed to do.

Away From the Office


When he’s not at work, Dr. Felix loves spending time outdoors. He enjoys hiking, kayaking, exploring nature and traveling. Some would call him a foodie and appreciates all the restaurants Charleston has to offer.