Fit Life by Elena Moler

Elena Mohler

ISSA Elite Trainer


As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach , my main passion is guiding people towards a healthy fitness lifestyle .

Throughout my years of in-person and online personal training, I’ve educated and supported thousands of women in their health and fitness journeys.

My goal has always been to empower women by giving them the practical tools they need to improve their health and feel more confident.

Use traditional , functional training methods and psychological techniques to shape, sculpt and build strong bodies and minds through total acceptance of the body and love.

My signature workouts can help you to increase your fitness, strength, flexibility , and confidence whether you are a beginner or are ready for a new challenge.


Owner and Certified Personal Trainer of Fitlife with Elena Moler :

I am an ISSA Elite Trainer ,Fitness Coach, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist with an associate ‘s Degree, as well as, founder of the Express Retreat Program.

I have always been passionate about my health and keeping my body moving. I was a Choreographer , but hung up my cleats to start training clients 1-on-1.

I am an avid active mom with 2 wonderful daughters,in 2023 I turned 40 and had my second child, in spite of all the fears about pregnancy and postpartum recovery. And I felt much better and stronger than with the first pregnancy thanks to fit lifestyle I had.

I love to test my mental toughness and performance. I truly believe that to lose weight and look good is equal to be healthy and happy. And I know how to reach that,that’s why I am here to help you commit to yourself and hit your goals.

Get to know your coach:

I’m married, with 2 lovely daughters as I mentioned above. I love training groups as well as clients 1-on-1, but I really want to help women all over the world empower themselves through fitness.

I have a passion for traveling , nature, dancing and enjoying yoga on the beach with my soulmates.

Being outside is my jam, that’s why most of my training I prefer to do in the beautiful parks or by the ocean.

I prefer the weather to be about 70 degrees at all times. I love to find humor in everything and motivational movies that end happy… and I truly believe that to be in fit all the time (not just for a month or two) is not a short \”marathon\” but a lifestyle you have to live every day of your life. It’s always a beautiful day to spend free time with family or friends doing some fitness or sports activities.

Singing is my therapy, my solitude. I write meaningful songs to release my emotions and express my personality. I love giving pleasure to people and inspiring them with singing and dancing on the stage.


Summerville, SC 29483
(786) 707-9006