Postpartum Support Charleston

Elaine DeaKyne

Executive Director

An estimated one in five women suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety. Some research has this ratio as shocking as one in three who endure maternal mental illnesses. To put this in perspective, that is a staggering 800,000 women in the US that will struggle. Of these 800,000 women, only 15% will seek support - this means 85% will resign to suffer in silence at the expense of their, and potentially their baby’s, mental and physical health. And what if that number is as high as one in three women? The current climate is one of stigma and silence around postpartum depression and other mental illnesses despite its prevalence among mothers. At Postpartum Support Charleston, we are on a mission to change all that.

Our non-profit organization exists to provide support and resources to women and their families struggling with maternal mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and psychosis during and after pregnancy. We accomplish this by connecting moms with our distinct peer support system of mom mentors along with providing access to dynamic mental and physical health professionals and resources. The personal connection and empathetic experience of our moms-for-moms support system coupled with expansive health and wellness expertise provides the approachable, comprehensive, and impactful safety net to help a suffering mom learn how to put herself first for the sake of her health and her baby’s.