Wayfinder Physical Therapy & Wellness

Dr. Nancy Scotch


Pelvic & Orthopedic Physical Therapist

Hi! I'm Dr. Nancy Scotch, I launched Wayfinder Physical Therapy & Wellness after witnessing the barriers to adequate physical therapy services for moms. Bothered by the inconvenience of frequent sessions, the over-stepping of insurance companies, the excessive and expensive childcare needs, and the lack of quality care I decided to do something about it. 



Born and raised in Maryland, I never thought I would leave, until my pursuit of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy brought me to the Medical University of South Carolina in sunny (and stormy) Charleston, SC. During my program, I fell in love with the city and the community around me. My husband and I live on the marsh in West Ashley and I spend my time traveling all around the Charleston area to serve stay-at-home moms, active adults, and their friends and family. 

Throughout my time working in traditional out-patient clinics I had frustrating experiences with insurance companies dictating the course of care I was permitted to provide, limiting reimbursement for services, and pressuring clinics to double and triple book patients in order to make a profit. I got fed up with insurance companies profiting off of pain and decided to eliminate the middleman. With a cash-based practice model, I can afford to give clients 100% of my attention for a longer period of time, which results in fewer visits and accelerated progress. 

I also had the far-too-common experience of hearing about the financial and emotional burden of coordinating childcare several times a week in order for mammas to make it to the PT clinic. I even began to "lose patients" and "lose patience" with the way that prioritizing women’s health was so difficult. As a result I decided to flip the model, and instead of asking patients to travel to a clinic, I pack up my equipment and head home-to-home to increase the convenience and accessibility of recovery and healing.

I began practicing as a Physical Therapist with a heavy background in treating common orthopedic injuries as well as specific interest in treating vertigo and dizziness, and hypermobility conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos. I have since deepened my education and exposure to pregnancy and post-partum health with further training in pelvic floor health. I now primarily work with active moms with a wide array of symptoms and injuries. I believe in a comprehensive approach to pelvic floor therapy, recognizing that nothing exists in isolation and the body should be treated as a whole. Additionally, I am certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling and often offer this as a part of treatment plans.