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Devin DiCenzo



Dr. Devin was inspired to become a Chiropractor at just 16 years old when he felt the benefits of chiropractic care himself. Originally seeking care for sports related injuries, he was able to see the other benefits of routine care. Since then, he has used this inspiration to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and provide his community with safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care.


Since he began practicing, Dr. Devin has found fulfillment in empowering practice members to heal and get well naturally. He believes in each individual’s innate ability to heal without the need for drugs or surgery. Dedicated to family-centered care, Dr. Devin strives to make each patient feel heard, empowered and genuinely cared for.


With a unique exposure to the Pediatric Experience, Dr. Devin deeply understands the human body and how it grows and develops into adulthood. One impactful mission trip to Haiti showcased the universal importance of chiropractic care—reinforcing his commitment to holistic well-being.
When Dr. Devin is not busy practicing, he loves to spend time in nature, workouts, and cook healthy meals. His commitment to personal health mirrors his dedication to enhancing the lives of others.


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