Christy Doucette

Christy Doucette


Licensed Professional Counselor, Yoga Therapist & Teacher, Embodiment Coach, & Breathwork Practitioner

Hi, I’m Christy. I am a licensed professional counselor, yoga therapist & teacher, embodiment coach, and breathwork practitioner working near Charleston, SC. My personal journey into this work has been influenced by a deep desire to grow and heal, being energized by continued learning, and hope for sharing this work with others.


Professionally this work has been influenced by:


When we approach healing from an integrated and connected space, deeper healing and greater capacity is available. There is no force in this work and no one is broken or in need of fixing. This work is about inviting increased ease and connection in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.


My journey toward creating space for self and others.

I love to be outside as much as possible and experience wide open spaces, something that is rooted in my upbringing and is embraced living near the beach!


I grew up on a rural farm in the Midwest playing and working outside, loving dirt under my nails, and feeling the gift of a spacious and wide open landscape. We spent Sunday’s at church and with extended family and played sports and tackled chores during the week. From a young age, family members and friends would share their thoughts/feelings/opinions with me, and it is where my basic listening skills of others developed.


I loved much of my upbringing and still, following college I was looking for a fresh start and for my path. Not long after, I packed my car and moved to South Carolina to pursue a position working with children. This began a journey of several years with three separate non-profits working with children and families. In those years I experienced therapy for myself and it was there that my passion for therapy was truly ignited. I loved those years working and building a life, while also feeling a deep pull to something else, and it was in 2011 that I finally listened to my inner knowing and applied to graduate school.


My faith had always intersected with my work, and I found just the right fit in Seattle, WA at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (TSS) where I pursued my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. It was there that I was challenged to read, discuss, and digest writings and lectures from numerous theologians and psychotherapists, and formulate my own beliefs regarding faith and the work of therapy. I began to find my voice in each of these areas, a work that continues today.


At TSS we were required to continue our own therapy work, a requirement I am forever grateful for. As we learned theory and practical strategies as budding therapists, we were also doing deep inner healing work that supported our own growth as relational beings. It was also helping build my capacity for being with clients one day. My training from TSS was based in psycho-dynamic talk therapy, and created a profound and strong base for my therapeutic work.


After returning to Charleston in 2014 and pursuing licensure and finding work as a new therapist, I felt something was missing. Talk therapy was significant, but what about the mind/BODY/emotion/spirit connection? I started my own yoga practice, learning to breathe with intention, and noticed my body talking through tension and fatigue. It was soon after that I attended a phoenix rising yoga therapy (PRYT) training and fell in love with what the work offered on a personal level. Months later I began my training to become a PRYT Practitioner. I learned skills and hands on experiences for working with individuals to deepen the healing work of talk therapy and processing.


Utilizing PRYT and accessing the bodies wisdom led me to uncovering the impacts of trauma within the body. This past year I have taken courses to become a Trauma Informed Practitioner, learning mind/body skills and strategies to process and heal trauma in the body. It has once again alerted me to the significance of incorporating our body and breathe into each session.


This work has changed me personally and professionally, and I continue to be changed by the individuals I work with. Learning to integrate mind, body, emotions, and spirit continues to create increased capacity and connection inside and out.


Christy Doucette she/her/hers

Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of South Carolina
National Board for Counselors


Degrees, Certifications & Training’s

Masters of Counseling Psychology
The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
Breathwork Facilitator
Yoga Teacher
Starr Commonwealth Trauma Informed Practitioner
Play Therapy Level 1
A human living in this very messy and complex world, continuing to find modalities and tools for living more fully!