Selah Sanctuary

Chelsea Elizabeth


Holistic Esthetician & Reiki Practitioner

Hello. I'm Chelsea.


Serving in aesthetics for over a decade with 8 years of medical esthetics under my belt, I received an esthetics license in 2009 in the state of Washington. I went to a very renowned esthetics school called The Euro Institute of Skincare that requires 100 more hours of practice than the typical skin care school. The school also offered education in holistic skin care, as well as your traditional European skin care.


As soon as I learned about holistics, I remember falling in love with it. Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chinese medicine, it is all so interesting and juicy. The idea of treating the body from the inside and the connectiveness of the entire body was fascinating.


But after graduating I got a job in the world of waxing, I worked for the “McDonalds” of waxing preforming full body and Brazilian waxing. From there I moved to an Aveda luxury day spa that looked like a jungle and had high standards of customer service for their guests. 
My favorite job of all was working Advanced Skincare and Cosmetics: Bobbi Brown and MAC at Nordstrom, Flagship in downtown Seattle. I got much experience working with many faces and make up, just helping people to feel beautiful.


In 2014, I moved to South Carolina where I began working in medical aesthetics. This is where my esthetics career really grew and changed. There is so much more a medical esthetician can do than a non-medical esthetician and I used to say “Once you go medical, you cannot go back”. Any esthetics outside the medical world seemed like a joke since treatments are much more aggressive in a doctor’s practice. This is where I also learned about medical-grade skincare.


Out of necessity, I started Selah Sanctuary, LLC part-time in 2019. My mission was to create time and space for women to come and rejuvenate their energy, fusing together different healing modalities such as sound frequencies, light therapy, healing touch, and Reiki. These tools combined with my experience and knowledge of skincare and facials has proven to be very effective and powerful with my clients. So much so that I went full-time with Selah Sanctuary, LLC September of 2022. I am looking forward to continuing my growth and pursuit of helping my clients feel their best.


I am currently continuing my education, studying Alternative Medicine at Everglades University. 


My Philosophy

In honesty, when it comes to external appearance, I am very natural and simplistic. Spending hours on makeup and fashion does not interest me, but what does interest me is how to maintain and preserve the health of our cells for the longest time possible.


I have found that true beauty starts from the inside and radiates out. Even though I am an advocate for medical procedures, I am a firm believer in holistic skin rejuvenation by the means of increased cell turnover, massage, gentle exfoliation, antioxidants, hydration, and last but not least, the key ingredient: RELAXATION.

I am so excited to combine my 15 years of experience working in the aesthetics industry and integrating my knowledge of holistic and medical skincare to give you an unforgettable experience.