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The Healthiest promotes the health and well-being of local communities through inspiring and encouraging educational content via hyper-local newsletters and blogs.

Articles Authored By Local Professionals
Distributed via Regular, Hyper-Local Emailed Newsletters
Support Continued Conversation and Action in Local Online Communities
Help Consumers Connect with Local Businesses via Profile Pages
Broad  Local Health & Wellness Coverage
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Articles Authored by Local Professionals

The Healthiest believes that the best way to learn about health and wellness is from the experts in your own community. That's why we feature articles written by local health and wellness professionals. These professionals are passionate about helping their community members live healthier lives, and they have the knowledge and experience to back it up.

Distributed via Regular, Hyper-local Emailed Newsletters

The Healthiest is your friendly morning companion, directly in your local inbox that pairs well with your cup of coffee. We send the articles through newsletters directly into local consumers' mailboxes, that way we can be sure that the information is reaching the people who are most likely to benefit from it.

We believe that the newsletter approach is a very personal and simple way to distribute this knowledge to communities. When people receive a newsletter in their mailbox, they are more likely to read it and take it seriously. This is because they know that the newsletter was specifically sent to them, and is about their own local health and wellbeing.

Support Continued Conversation and Action in Local Online Communities

We believe that by providing a space for conversation and action, we can help to create a healthier community for everyone. The Healthiest not only sends the professional articles directly into the local consumers inboxes, but also hosts an online platform to explore the latest local trends in health and wellness, read more about a new health need, and find the right local professional to take their next step on their wellness journey.

The Healthiest is an online community where you can be sure that the information is accurate and relevant to your own community. You'll also get to learn about the latest trends in health and wellness, and you'll be able to connect with other people who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

Help Consumers Connect with Local Businesses via Profile Pages

Knowing that we’ve been able to get the information and knowledge the local community needs, we need to give them where to go to find it.These pages include information about the business, such as its mission, services, and contact information. They also include links to the business's website and social media pages.

This information can be helpful for local consumers who are interested in learning more about the businesses and connecting with them to take the next steps. For example, if a consumer is interested in getting a massage, they can visit the profile page of a local massage therapist to learn more about their services and contact them to schedule an appointment.

Broad  Local Health & Wellness Coverage

The Healthiest believes that it's important to be all around healthy. This means taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. When you're all around healthy, you're better able to enjoy life and live to your fullest potential.

We cover all of those important health topics because we believe that they are all interconnected. For example, your physical health can affect your mental health, and your financial health can affect your ability to access health care. We want to provide our readers with the information they need to take care of their overall health and well-being.

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